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Abstract Landscape,Sunset Art Painting "Color In Motion" by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life"

 30"x48"x7/8" Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Available

 This painting is wired and ready to hang.

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Hello San Fedele and the Chianti Hills

The drive to San Fedele was beautiful, just as one would imagine.....rolling hills sprinkled with vineyards and villas with red tile roofs.

 There were also many very very old estates in ruins along the way. 

 Supposedly,the Chianti region is the most expensive real estate in the world. 
 You CANNOT build anything new there. You must purchase something someone else is selling, or  buy one of the old estates "in ruins" and refurbish it.

 And...there are all kinds of laws about how you must refurbish....keeping to the original designs and  materials. 

 This is why Chianti is sooooo beautiful!!!!! And not very populated!!

 San Fedele is a Monastary on a hill built in the 1200's. It took seven years and over 1000 workers to  complete the renovation, after the current owners Nicolo and Renada purchased it.

 The renovation was truly a labor of love for them. They said the renovations took twice as long as  they had estimated and cost three times as much as they estimated.

 This is a very special place and their mission is that it is used to bering like minded people together  to experience beauty renewal, personal growth and healing.

 They host families, and special groups of artists , writers, musicians,etc, they are NOT a hotel.

 They are very choosy what they host, which makes it all the more special.

San Fedele from the road.

The Driveway....

The front of San Fedele, and to the left ( not in this photo) 
is the building of rooms where the monks ( and then us) stayed:)
See the image below.

My room to the left.... #2:)

The view from my doors, across the courtyard.
Beyond these trees is rolling countryside.
 Ot was the most beautiful view, and the weather was perfect, so we left our double doors open most of the day to allow fresh air and sunshine.

The rooms were very large and beautifully decorated.
I still get choked up when I look at my photos from this wonderful trip. I am determined to savor it for as long as I can and keep the memories fresh and yet, I find I am already forgetting details that I desperately want to remember. Next trip, I will journal on my phone many times throughout the day, because by the time I fell into bed some nights, I was too tired to journal...and so overwhelmed with the emotion of the experience...
So my writing was sporadic, and now details are running together....

More soon on San Fedele....

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